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Human Trafficking

NCJW - GLB & WOC participates as an official member of the Long Beach Human Trafficking Task Force (LBHTTF). The Task Force, which meets monthly, is a multidisciplinary, community-based collaboration of stakeholders who partner to combat human trafficking through prevention, protection, and prosecution. Section members have supported the Task Force through active participation and financial sponsorship.


During the last few years the Task Force has been working on promoting the local enforcement of an ordinance that requires bars, motels, and airports to post a prominent notice of how to report trafficking, and how trafficking victims can receive assistance. In addition, Task Force members have been researching the status of education on trafficking in local middle schools and high schools.

Youth Empowerment Safety Symposium

(Y.E.S.S. Symposium)

This annual symposium, first organized in 2016 by the Long Beach Human Trafficking Task Force, is currently held at the Salvation Army Citadel, the lead agency of the Task Force. Approximately 300 youth and adults attend to engage in human trafficking awareness through arts, workshops, and dialogue.  This is a free event where attendees learn about social influences and ways to take action, connect with community resources, shop with fair-trade vendors, and enjoy food, music, prizes, and more. Our Section provides sign-in and information the day of the event.

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