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Economic Justice

NCJW - Greater Long Beach & West Orange County works with our partners and allies in CLUE, Long Beach Gray Panthers, AAUW and more on worker’s rights issues in the Long Beach and West Orange County areas.

This may include advocacy and education on Hospitality Workers’ issues such as low wages, forced arbitration, and sexual harassment; Grocery Workers issues such as a lack of full-time work or benefits; and Port Workers who face unfair working conditions and mis-categorization as independent contractors.


Our Section is also concerned with pay equity, minimum wage and forced arbitration issues with a particular focus on women. And arising as a result of the pandemic, we will be looking at the effect on the place of women in the job market.

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We are working hard toward getting the City of Long Beach
to establish aCommission on Women & Girls.

Check out our recent efforts in the
Long Beach Suffrage 100 held on March 7, 2023

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