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Great news! AB 629: Lost Income for Trafficking Survivors, an NCJW California sponsored and priority bill, is on the governor's desk for signature. Today, take action by sending the Governor an email letting him know you support the bill.

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Go to: https://govapps.gov.ca.gov/gov40mail/

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    AB 00629/Crime victims: The California Victim Compensation Board


Sample Message for your comment on AB 629
On behalf of National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW), an organization that has worked to end human trafficking from its inception 125 years ago, I am writing to ask for your signature on Assembly Bill 629 (Smith/Gonzalez). This measure which would clarify that a human trafficking victim is eligible to receive compensation from California’s Victim Compensation Program (VCP) for lost income incurred as a direct result of their trafficking. Currently, human trafficking victims – like other victims of violent crime – are eligible to recover crime-related expenses, such as medical and mental health services or relocation costs from VCP. However, unlike other victims of violent crime, human trafficking victims are denied compensation for lost income suffered as a result of the crimes committed against them.

Please do not make human trafficking survivors wait any longer for this little bit of justice and sign AB 629.
[Your Name]

Download PDF: AB 629 Lost Income for Human Trafficking Survivors Fact Sheet 

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CA SPA Claire Lipschultz is quoted in The Daily Beast supporting AB 629 which would help human trafficking survivors. “As long as we have a fund right now that purports to fund victims of crime, in my view there’s no reason why victims of [human trafficking] should be isolated and shunned from this group,” said Claire Lipschultz of the National Council of Jewish Women, which is supporting the bill. “If we have a structural system in place that California has identified as important, to not include this survivors just seems discriminatory."


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Please contact Governor’s office NOW to get AB 629 signed: (916) 445-2841