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Health Care Access

In California, right now over two million people do not have health insurance, and 12 million are underinsured. Inadequate health insurance coverage and rising out-of-pocket expenses may create barriers to health care that often disproportionately affect low-income communities, especially women, families, and children of color.

Issue areas that are of interest to our Section include: proposals for universal health care, or single-payer plans; the impact of systemic racism on health outcomes for Black mothers and babies; and the inability of undocumented immigrants to obtain insurance coverage through Medi-Cal or the ACA marketplace.


Health care access is a complex issue involving socio-economic, demographic, and financial considerations. As we monitor legislative bills and budget proposals, we provide educational programs for our membership and the local community that present a variety of viewpoints.


We hope to partner with Black Women for Wellness in Los Angeles to advocate for policy changes that will increase accessible, appropriate, and affordable health care for low income and women of color.

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