How Does Get Out the Vote by Mail Work?

  • NCJW-CA has our own non-partisan page on the Vote Forward website.


  • When you volunteer, if you have a computer and printer at home, you will use a link to go to our NCJW-CA page.  From there you will sign up.  When the registration process is complete, you will request a list of Georgia voters (5 or 20, you decide) that you agree to “adopt”. 


  • You will download and print pre-prepared letters. You will personalize them by greeting the voter (such as Dear Abby), explaining why voting is so important to you and signing the letter.  Then you will put the letter in an envelope, address it, and put it away to mail to the voter a week or two before the election. 


  • If you don’t have a computer or printer or can’t mail letters NCJW Greater Long Beach/West Orange County will help you. Everyone can do this!

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