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Fourth Thursday Movie Discussion

Join us for the new NCJW Movie Club!



October 28, 7 pm, Zoom 

This informative, revealing, and blunt documentary looks at the life and career of one sweet music legend, Tina Turner. The film features behind-the-scenes vintage footage of Tina's early days, meeting Ike and his band in St. Louis and becoming his sidekick after leaving her small rural Tennessee town. From the get-go, Tina had the moves and shakes, as she was brought up with the blues and the likes of B.B. King and gospel. The voice and determination was around from early on.


Surviving on more than her talent, Tina made it through the storm of Ike's path and domestic abuse, as the interview from 1981's People magazine spotlighted. Breaking away solo was when this carefree woman had her greatest success, as the freedom of being alone set her music wings soaring to new heights.

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