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Let Your Member of Congress Know You Support Refugees and Asylum Seekers

National Council of Jewish Women, Greater Long Beach & West Orange County, is participating in HIAS’ Welcome to Congress campaign. To begin 2021, we want to welcome the new Congress to Washington DC and tell them their constituents want them to prioritize the rights, dignity and safety of refugees and asylum seekers this year. To communicate this, HIAS is collecting signatures on an online welcome card which will be shared with our members of Congress, along with asking for an opportunity to meet.

To send a card to your member of Congress via this HIAS Campaign, go to their  Welcome to Congress Website by clicking here.  Once you are on that site, select “NCJW, Greater Long Beach & West Orange County,” from the drop-down list of organizations and synagogues, then fill out the form and click on the SEND button.  HIAS will take care of the rest.

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