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Annual Book Review
The Story of Jane:
The Legendary Underground
Feminist Abortion Service


Join us on Zoom!

Shirley Stein Annual Book Review:

The Story of Jane, The Legendary Underground Feminist Abortion Service

Monday, January 23, 1 pm


We are excited to announce that our annual book review will feature Laura Kaplan, who wrote the powerful book The Story of Jane and is herself one of the Janes! As always, this event is cosponsored by Sharon-Carmel Hadassah.


The Story of Jane recounts the evolution of the Abortion Counseling Service, code name Jane, the underground group of heroic women that provided low-cost abortion services in Chicago in the years before the procedure was legalized. Organized in 1969 and active until the opening of legal abortion clinics nationwide in 1973, Jane initially counseled women and referred them to abortion providers who set prices and conditions. As Jane grew, so did the group’s capacity to protect its clients. Eventually, determined to reclaim women’s reproductive power in any way they were able, many members of Jane learned to perform abortions themselves.

Watch at home or gather with friends as we did for “The Janes” documentary. The book is available at most bookstores and at Amazon. It was reissued this week, but only the cover is different. We encourage you to read the book before attending the event, and feel free to submit questions ahead of time to

There is no charge, but none of the important work of NCJW - GLB & WOC is possible without your continued support. We’d like to suggest a minimum $18 donation to our General Fund or Abortion Access and Reproductive Rights Fund at Anything you give will contribute to our advocacy work and many community service projects. You can register below.

If you’d like to find a friend’s home at which to watch the presentation, hear our discussion, and socialize, please email Sharon Brannon, VP of programs, at







For further information, please contact Sharon Brannon via or (657) 235-2511.

This program is made possible in part by a grant from the Barbara Alpert National Council of Jewish Women Endowment of the Jewish Community Foundation of Great Long Beach & West Orange County.

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