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Domestic Violence Panel

We will hear from four dynamic speakers on a subject that too often is shrouded in secrecy. We will learn how to recognize domestic violence, signs of abuse to watch out for, and how we can help an affected family member or friend. This program is especially timely due to the striking rise of abuse during the pandemic, when victims are isolated, families may have lost income and/or housing, and community services have been impacted. Come to learn and come to help.

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Judge Jacqueline Lewis who runs the domestic violence court in West Covina, will talk to us about what legally constitutes domestic violence and how restraining orders work. Prior to this appointment, Judge Lewis heard cases centering around child abuse and neglect for 17 years in the Juvenile Court.


Deidra King is the Community Based Services Coordinator at Jewish Family & Children’s Service in Long Beach. She will take us through the cycle of violence and discuss what signs we should watch for in our family and friends.



Ellen Goldsmith is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice in Long Beach. She was Director of the Domestic Violence Project, Jewish Family & Children’s Service from 2001 to 2008. She will present information about domestic violence within the Jewish community.



Julie Schwartz is the Executive Director of Project WomanGood, a non-profit organization which she founded in 2020. Project WomanGood helps those living in a domestic violence situation get out and stay out. They provide resources such as individualized advocacy, one on one counseling, and court system and paperwork guidance. She created this organization after struggling to leave an abusive relationship, with two young daughters and a minimum income in 2016. Julie will share her personal story with us.

As a followup to this program, there will be opportunities to support Project WomanGood both financially and with donations of gently used clothing, used books, and other items for a vintage shop she owns. Project WomanGood helps those living in a domestic violence situation get out and stay out. Watch this space for more details!

None of the important work of NCJW - GLB & WOC is possible without your support.  If you are able, please consider a donation in support of this event.


For questions or more information email

or call (657) 235-2511.

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