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Ever since the Dobbs decision removing our Constitutional right to an abortion, our area has become a hotbed of advocacy and hands-on help for the many women coming from out of state for abortion care. The number of out-of-state abortion patients seen in some of our local clinics has almost tripled and it is expected to more than double again by next year.

To serve these women, our local section of NCJW is excited to be making Abortion Comfort Kits, assembled by our volunteers and given out by local Planned Parenthood and FPA Women’s Health clinics.  The kits contain personal comfort items such as sanitary pads, individual heating pads, water, wipes, some sweets, and a personal note of encouragement.



See Michelle Gordon, who organizes the packing for the Abortion Comfort Kits,

share a personal message from one of our recipients:









So, as you see, we're having an impact and getting noticed! Costs are rising, and the number of kits needed is ever growing. Won’t you join us in helping women and families get the bodily rights they, and everyone, deserve?


You can make a difference in someone's life today by donating to our Abortion Comfort Kits Fund here or sending a tribute in someone’s name here.








NCJW–GLB & WOC is a 501(c)(3) organization which depends on your support to fulfill its mission. All contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.  Our Tax Identification Number (TIN) is 956122123.

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