Third Thursday of the Month Discussion Group
The Election Results: What Happens Next? What Do We Do Next?
Thursday, December 17, 7:00 pm PT  

We recommend that you can use any of the following Elections Recap recordings and article links to review the issues related to the 2020 Presidential election. These will give you insights to share and raise questions we all can discuss at our Thursday night group:

Democracy Town Hall: Lessons of the 2020 Election with Berkeley Law Dean Erwin Chemerinsky and a panel of law school election law experts from Nov 16 includes  Rick Hasen- UCI, Jessica Levinson- LMU, Franita Tolson- USC and Bertrall Ross- UCB

Jews United for Democracy and Justice links to Kristol and Brownstein (Click here to view)

  • BILL KRISTOL with Patt Morrison What Happened? A thinking Conservative's Post Mortem

  • RON BROWNSTEIN ANALYSIS: In a Nov 15th week edition, of The Atlantic, Ron Brownstein wrote this in depth analysis of the election in which he concludes that the election revealed weaknesses of both parties (click here to read)

Hammer Museum program, Nov 8, Elections Recap with Jessica Levinson (click here to view)

Next is an earlier recording that looks interesting:

Truth, Lies & Propaganda: How Disinformation Is Infecting the 2020 Elections (click here to view)

Voters faced an onslaught of campaign information, much of it disinformation. Campaigns, governments, and others are using both familiar and emerging technologies—from social media and bots to artificial intelligence and algorithms—to polarize voters, spread false narratives, sow confusion, and drown out the truth. Loyola Law  School professor Jessica Levinson speaks with The Atlantic's McKay Coppins, AI For the People (APF) founding CEO Mutale Nkonde,  and  U. of T. at Austin School of  Journalism Asst. Professor Samuel Woolley about how the 2020 election may have been impacted by information warfare.


ACLU Talks Election 2020: How We're Fighting Now and Future

ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero and ACLU leaders from across the country shared the latest information about the election,  their coordinated efforts   to  ensure that every vote was counted, and what the election results mean for civil liberties and civil rights. (click here to view)


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