Join us for our Annual Shirley Stein Book Review
with Sharon-Carmel Hadassah
Tuesday, January 26 at 4pm on Zoom 

We are very pleased to announce that The Watergate Girl is our selection for our annual joint Hadassah book review. This book is written by Jill Wine-Banks who will be our presenter We are sure that you will find this a very interesting and informative event.   

The book takes place in a time, much like today, when Americans feared for the future of their democracy and women stood up for equal treatment. At the crossroads of the Watergate scandal and the women’s movement stood a young lawyer named Jill Wine Volner (as she was then known), barely thirty years old and the only woman on the team that prosecuted the highest-ranking White House officials.

In The Watergate Girl, Jill Wine-Banks takes us inside this troubled time in American history, and it is impossible to read about the crimes of Richard Nixon and the people around him without drawing parallels to today’s headlines. The book is also the story of a young woman who sought to make her professional mark while trapped in a failing marriage, buffeted by sexist preconceptions, and harboring secrets of her own. Her house was burgled, her phones were tapped, and even her office garbage was rifled through.


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