ROAR: "Resistance, Organizing, Action, and Resilience" Training

by Dr. Lisa Raufman, Co-VP Advocacy 

“If I am not for myself, who will be for me?

If I am only for myself, What am I?

And if not now, when?” Hillel

(Pirkei Avot Chapter 1:14)

On July 8, the Legislative and Advocacy Committee sponsored a ROAR (Resistance, Organizing, Action and Resilience) Training that inspired more than 55 participants to learn the skills which will help with taking action for social justice. Our trainers were Jeannie Appleman from Join for Justice and Lindsay Morris, from National NCJW. Our participants included both NCJW members from Long Beach and Saddleback Sections as well as local leaders from AAUW, Sacred Resistance Long Beach, Huntington Beach Huddle, Long Beach Immigrant Rights Coalition, and members from Temple Israel, Temple Beth Shalom, P’nai Or, United Methodist Church, and Unitarian Universal Church.


  • To learn a basic organizing framework and techniques that can be used to enhance our service and advocacy efforts in the community

  • To leave with new organizing tools and techniques, including expanding and deepening your base and how to run an issue campaign

  • To sharpen skills at forging partnerships with other communities, especially those most impacted, through mutual self-interest and a shared vison for the future

  • To build stronger relationships with advocated and partners in the room and a commitment to continue this important work together


One of the most helpful instructions was to separate out “the problem” from the “issue”. It turns out that a problem is a vague overwhelming concern versus an issue can be a specific, tangible item that is directly connected to people’s lives and can be addressed by individuals or groups.


The Advocacy and Legislation Committee felt that this training was successful due to the diversity of our participants with the potential for our various organizations to start to collaborate on community action programs and projects. We found that the majority of evaluations gave a rating of 4 out of 5!