New Year, New Beginnings…

by Linda C. Fox, President

Linda C. Fox, President

For Jews, late summer/early fall signals a time when we look inward and do an “accounting of the soul” leading up to Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. We take stock of the previous year, we repent for having “missed the mark,” we make amends, and we prepare for a better year ahead. The Jewish New Year 5779 is nearly upon us.


But…WAIT! Is it truly a new beginning for National Council of Jewish Women Long Beach we undertake? Upon reflection, there is little to regret organizationally as we look back over the past year other than the unexpected loss of our late president, Linda Calderón. With a sure hand and the support of Board members, Linda helped set us on a path to “shift our focus,” and shift we have! We have “gone green” saving both money and trees, increased our presence and outreach via our social media consultant Sue Reveche, increased our partnerships with like-minded community organizations in the pursuit of social justice, and we made special  efforts to grow our membership, especially intergenerationaly, all the while continuing to provide community support via our important service projects.


Now, as we travel the path ahead, our objective must be to continue to pursue the remarkable, revitalizing movement forward this organization experienced over the last year. So… new beginnings?


Yes…and no: Yes, it is a new year for our organization, not only because we celebrate the Jewish New Year in a few days but also because we have stellar leadership in place with a strong combination of brand new officers and Vice Presidents and of seasoned leaders on our 2018 -2019 Board taking up the challenge of serving in new or different positions. But the answer is also no, not completely new beginnings. We take pride in our accomplishments of the previous year, as we impacted the lives of women, children and families through advocacy, community service, education and philanthropy, forging lasting friendships with each other and our community. Our pledge is to continue to build upon the work we set out to do, turning our progressive ideals into action. Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” Our voices together in NCJW make a meaningful difference in the world.


L’Shanah Tovah to all those who observe the Jewish New Year and the upcoming cycle of High Holy Days on the Jewish calendar, along with a wish for a sweet, healthy and productive year to come for all our members. With renewed resolve, may NCJW Long Beach continue moving forward together.