Founding Date: January 7, 1946 



  • Assisted in resettlement of refugees (Holocaust survivors)




  • Volunteered with Exceptional Children’s Foundation

  • Friendly Visitors at Metropolitan State Hospital

  • Assisted in the establishment of Jewish Family Service

  • Resettled refugee families from Hungary




  • Promoted Jewish Friendship Club for Seniors

  • Study Hall tutoring at Franklin Junior High

  • Participated in WICS – an interfaith effort to assist low income women in obtaining jobs.




  • Promoted voter education and registration *

  • Participated in establishment of Head Start Program

  • Supported reproductive choice *

  • Ship-a-Box – project to send educational toys to children in Israel




  • Mothers in the Work Place – a research project: 50 working women in Long Beach were surveyed regarding child care needs and its provision. The findings contributed to the publication of “Windows on Day Care,” a nationwide study on the growing crisis in day care.




  • Domestic violence awareness project, “Love Shouldn’t Hurt.” In conjunction with Jewish Family and Children’s Service we established a hot line, distributed palm cards and also posted notices in public places with phone numbers to call for assistance.

  • Worked with Casa Youth Center and Women’s Shelter

  • Introduced the “HIPPY Program” – Home Instruction Program for pre-schoolers in five elementary schools

  • Advocated for single-payer healthcare

  • Produced a Resource Calendar for families with infants and toddlers with special needs in conjunction with the Early Interventional Council and Long Beach Miller's Children's Hospital.


2000 – Today


  • Tutored in elementary schools

  • Held food and clothing drives for Centro Shalom

  • Granted college scholarships *

  • Canvassed pharmacies and drugstore to ensure access to reproductive medications

  • Participated in planning and implementing Long Beach Unified School District's Kindergarten Festivals *

  • Provided backpacks for children at Kindergarten Festivals *

  • Created and distributed Hug Packs to children entering foster care *

  • Held Blood Donor drives in collaboration with the Red Cross

  • Provided intergenerational luncheons for seniors at  Purim *

  • Presented Pastry and Politics workshops for current issues *

  • Volunteered at Miller's Children's Hospital 

  • Gathered food and necessary clothing for use by clients of For the Child organization *

  • Participated in Cal State Long Beach Research project regarding cultures of different organizations. Results were shared with Long Beach Historical Society.


* Ongoing projects