The Hannah G. Solomon Award is presented by NCJW to an individual who has changed the lives of others through his or her leadership efforts and service.


The award is given to an individual in our community who has helped to change and expand the role of others in vital areas of community life, and whose leadership in areas of NCJ W concern — improving the quality of life for women, children, and families — has motivated others to fight for change, and has resulted in progress and enlightenment in the community.

1968     Ruth Todd*

1969     Lois Wright*

1970     Alvin Resnik*

1971     Arlene Solomon*

1972     Cora Cocks*

1973     Dr. Eugene M. Blumberg*

1974     Shirley Stein*

1975     Sylvia Strum*

1976     Edna Statman*

1977     Lillian* and Revan Komaroff*

1978     Blanch Collins*

1979     Perle Chudnow* and Bonnie Krasner*

1980     Lauraine Barber

1981     Minna Weiss*

1982     Elinor Baratelle*

1983     Barbara Shoag

1984     Maycie Harrington*

1985     Dr. Beverly O’Neill

1986     Martha Posalski* and Dr. James Linden

1987     no award

1988     Sheila Pokras

1989     Sylvia Coonen*

1990     M/ Karel Spak*

1991     Eugene Schlesinger*

1992     Jill Rosenberg and Dorothy Baker

1993     Sally Schaner* and Eugene Lentzner*

1994     Ruth Britton*

1995     Jo Slobodkin*

1996     Corrine* and Ted Van Boemel

1997     Janice* and Hy Sunshine*

1998     Romola Temkin

1999     Harriet Rothenberg*

2000     Dorothy Samuel*

2001     Nancy Speizer*

2002     Binnie and Jack Berro

2003     Rabbi Wolli Kaelter*

2004     Lorene Bearson*

2005     Barbara Wolfe

2006     Laura Orloff*

2007     Harriette Ellis

2008     no award

2009     Renee Simon

2010     Dr. Christopher Steinhauser

2011     Jeanne Halliday

2012     Arline Hillinger

2013     Jean Feldman

2014     All Previous Recipients

2015     Barbara Alpert*

2016     Linda Calderón* and Judith Leff

2017     Dr. Linda C. Fox

2018     Dr. Jane Conoley and Ann Millman

2019     Kathryn Miles

2020     Congressman Alan S. Lowenthal