The health and well-being of National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) advocates, leaders and members, as well as all vulnerable women, children, and families in our communities and everywhere remains our top priority. Given the recent developments around Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have made the difficult decision to cancel NCJW Convention, scheduled for April 23-25 in Chicago. This decision was based on our close monitoring of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) COVID-19 updates, the World Health Organization, and those of local public health departments.

In Judaism, pikuach nefesh–saving lives–takes precedence over pretty much everything else we might do and, now, means choosing not to come together–so that fewer people become carriers who might harm those most at risk. We are saddened to miss the opportunity for our NCJW community to gather, but believe this is the most responsible choice.

Due to this change, we anticipate a significant financial loss and are grateful for all who will allow us to convert registration fees to a tax-deductible donation. If you require a full or partial refund of your registration fee, please fill out the form below before April 1, 2020. Everyone we don’t hear from through this form by April 1 will have their registration fee count as a donation and will receive an acknowledgment letter. Please note that refunds will take up to 14 days.

We still plan to hold our business session to vote on the new board of directors, bylaws, and resolutions slates. Please hold the following dates and times: Thursday, April 23 3:15-6 pm ET and Friday 11 am-4:30 pm ET. We will be providing more information in the coming weeks.

Refunds requests from sections should be sent directly to Sections should include the registrant(s) full name and type of registration. We will confirm receipt of the request and provide an estimate on the amount of time to process the refund and confirmation once it has been processed.