We are taking a new poll to determine interest in any of our Advocacy Agendas. Please take our poll and click on whatever catches your fancy, and we will make sure the appropriate sub-committee chair gets your name. We are in full swing with wonderful opportunities in the following areas:


  • Voter Registration: voter outreach to encourage voting and register voters before elections, particularly young people.

  • Immigration Rights: help with citizenship assistance, or working with community agencies.

  • Homelessness: work with our community coalitions, and with our community volunteers with homeless children, families, and college students.

  • Reproductive Rights: we are working with other organizations to monitor and assist with womens' total access to reproductive health care. 

  • Trafficking: we attend meetings in the community, monitor new and existing laws, and help with signage and implementation.

  • Health: we are looking for members who want to work with other agencies who are working with general women’s health issues. 

  • Women and Children: we will be working with shelters, domestic violence victims, mentoring children, and representing children in the foster care system to get proper educational benefits.


There is training for all.