Game Day at Sea Cliff Country Club

Linda & her sisters Gloria,

Dale, and Thea

Kindergarten Festival at Oropeza Elementary

Superintendant Chris Steinhauser visited us

Kfest volunteers enjoying Jeannie's treats

Charter Day Honoring Linda C. Fox

Charter Day Invitation

Linda's family

Nancy Press, Linda Waltzman, and Romie Temkin

NCJW Honoree Ann Millman at the 2017 Visions Dinner

Louise Sperr, Elaine Dovgard, and others listening intently

Our visit with Senator Ricardo Lara - Michelle Sztraicher, Sherri Sobel, Sharon Brannon, Marilyn Day, and Sadie Sacks

California Lobby Day

Lobby Day with Janet Nguyen - Linda C. Fox, Michelle Sztraicher, Deborah Chankin, Janet Rosenblatt

Lobby Day with Assembly member Patrick O'Donnell; Janet Rosenblatt. Sherri Sobel. Deborah Chankin,

Linda C Fox

Hugpack Packing Party

Adie Holzman

Annual Mini-Conference on Homelessness

Excellent speaker panel

Attendees listened intently